Making Steak stir fry (Sort of)

I am the kind of person who is completely incapable of making something from a box unless its plain pasta or Velveeta mac n cheese. But, somehow I have found out that on numerous occasions if I throw random things into a pan and cook that way it ends up tasting really freaking good.

So this is what I made for dinner the other night.

I had some roast in the freezer I think it was a roast it might not have been I can’t really remember but regardless of what meat you use as long as its beef/steak it turns out okay cause I know I got sick of cutting it up and just kept the other steaks plain.

Anyways so I cut up the roast and made sure to get most of the fat off it and put it in the pan with some oil (vegetable or olive it doesnt matter really I think I used olive) and start frying it up.

As you fry it up add some red pepper flakes, pepper, salt, garlic salt, paprika (only a tiny quick sprinkle cause a little goes a looooooong way), basil, meat tenderizer, and quite a lot of chipotle roasted garlic grill mates seasoning. You will have to add this a few times while frying up all the meat and onions which I will get to in a moment. Add about 1/4th cup of water and have it between a boil and a simmer.

Keep adding the cut up pieces and it helps to do it slightly different sizes in my opinion cause then its like you can stab some with a fork… But fry about half of that up before this next part.

Take one onion and cut up half of it into relatively tiny pieces I mean you can cut it into bigger pieces if you like that or strips even but I prefer to have it so tiny I almost don’t notice its there but that’s just cause I only started being okay with onions about a year ago.

Throw half of it in the pan with the cut up roast (depending on the size of the onion or roast maybe the whole onion) and stir that in and fry it.

Sprinkle some Chicken gravy onto the meat, water, and onions and stir it in. Only used about half of a packet but depending on how much meat and stuff there is you can use the whole one. Add more seasonings to even it out and stir a few times until it becomes kind of thick and most of the water is gone and you have a kind of saucy onion meat mix.

When you feel it tastes good pour it over some rice or pasta and you’re done. I used brown rice because that’s what I had and it tasted amazing and everyone who tried it wanted more of the meat.

Hope you guys try it, and check out my Pinterest

for recipe ideas and such that are a lot more specific and less vague because unlike me most of those give exact measurements haha have a great day.

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