Stupid People

Okay, so I need to rant and ranting on facebook would be a bad idea because it could start drama so I am going to rant about this in my blog because nobody is going to read it that I actually know.

So. Neither my boyfriend or I have a car. He has a permit and I have an ID, he was learning how to drive but after forty minutes total his sister refused to teach him any more in the parking lot she wanted him to drive on the road and he wasn’t comfortable with that so he doesn’t know how to drive really because there was nobody else who would help him learn.

I never learned because it freaked me out and I drove twice in my life and almost crashed the car and I did crash the Doom buggy thing and almost died in a ravine. Which nobody knows about because we got out and were okay but still.

Anyways, so my boyfriend is expected to get a job in Corning the city closest to where we live and he is expected to walk there and work and then walk home because he has no rides because the person who was giving him rides is now refusing to give anyone rides anywhere.

It is a four hour walk from our town to Corning on average. I googled it. And that’s from our town not our exact location which is further away than that.

So lets say he gets job in Corning. Eight-ten hour shifts five days a week.

A four hour walk there, eight to ten hour shift and a four hour walk back. That’s sixteen to eighteen hours out of a twenty four hour day. That gives him…. Eight hours to eat, sleep, and do EVERYTHING ELSE that he has to do and get ready for work the next morning to walk four hours there.

And doing that five days a week that is 40 hours of walking and if he is working a 32-40 hour week he would be walking more or just as many hours that he would be working.

So from the bottom of my heart, fuck that. Fuck you (the person who thinks that this is logical.) And fuck your idiotic way of thinking (the person who can normalize anything they say or think even when they’re wrong and if they are wrong and are proven wrong they get pissed and walk away and won’t talk to you for days except in a condescending pissed off tone.)

Sorry for ranting but I am really upset about this like I am livid.

Short differentiation about symbols and symbolism.

Symbol: something that stands for or represents something else.

Symbolism: the use of symbols to represent an idea. (For example: Flags around the world that represent their countries and their beliefs/cultures.)

Honestly the two are somewhat interchangeable, but if you want to be a good writer it helps to know the difference.

There are hundreds of different cultures and belief systems that use symbols and symbolism. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Wicca, Paganism, etc.

In some cultures and often in literature the presence of a raven can mean or foreshadow many different things.

Often times they are used to foreshadow something that will come along soon in the story. There is even a poem about it:

“One for sorrow, Two for joy,

Three for a girl, Four for a boy,

Five for silver, Six for gold,

Seven for a secret never to be told,

Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss,

Ten a surprise you should be careful not to miss,

Eleven for health, Twelve for wealth,

Thirteen beware its the Devil himself.”

Ravens are one of my favorite literary symbols and I genuinely love how they are portrayed.

Also, ravens croak like a toad, and crows caw. If you ever write about them, remember that.

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Hope this helped and I hope you have a wonderful evening. Bye!

Names for Characters (or future children)

The naming of a character (or a child) is a precious thing that usually must be thought out carefully.

I mean, honestly, there are times where I just use simple filler names in the beginning of my stories or scenes until I can figure out what characters would fit the part that I am trying to get out of my head.

Sometimes it is a main character that I know and those few close enough to me who have read my writings love and other times its a completely new character that I myself barely know.

Either way, a name can say so much about your character. Often it can be a great way of slyly describing or alluding something about them or their background (an excellent example being Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. JK Rowling is and always will be such an inspiration to me and so many writers and should be/is to people in general.)

Some good ways to find interesting names if you are stumped is to look up names and their meanings in different languages or to use a name generator.

I often look up Romanian Baby names or look up names that mean certain or specific things that I think fit the characters personality such as: wisdom, evil, flower, beauty, darkness, strength, courage, warmth, humor, ice, happiness; to give a few examples.

But if you are struggling and happen to find this, here are a few lists of names for you.

Names for Boys:

  • Malachi
  • Travis
  • Donatello
  • Nathan
  • Daniel
  • Quinton
  • Percy
  • Asher
  • Mark
  • Quill
  • Parker
  • Mathew
  • Everet
  • Cole
  • Andrew
  • Preston
  • Jackson
  • Lewis
  • William
  • Paxton
  • Leonardo
  • Shane
  • Noah
  • Kai
  • Rolland
  • Julius
  • Ares
  • Burton
  • Louis
  • Philip
  • Collin
  • Avery
  • Wesley
  • Ashton
  • Cyril
  • Robert
  • Alex
  • Emmet
  • Clay
  • Reed

Names for Girls:

  • Elizabeth
  • Ava
  • Mila
  • Sage
  • Hazel
  • Eleanor
  • Kari
  • Michelle
  • Irene
  • Yuri
  • Amber
  • Ophelia
  • Dianne
  • Mia
  • Sierra
  • Lynne
  • Hera
  • April
  • Helena
  • Fawn
  • Jasmine
  • Rowan
  • Sophia
  • Lily
  • Hannah
  • Amanda
  • Harper
  • Jessica
  • Bridget
  • Lorrel
  • Wilhelmina
  • Viola
  • Lauren
  • Rachel
  • Olivia
  • Sarah
  • Iridessa
  • Felicity

Unisex Names:

  • Avery
  • Reagan
  • Dakota
  • Charlie
  • Skylar
  • Riley
  • Emery
  • Phoenix
  • Rylan
  • Dylan
  • Peyton
  • Reese
  • Eden
  • Marley
  • Rowan
  • Taylor
  • Morgan

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Hope all this was helpful. Have a great time guys.

Making Steak stir fry (Sort of)

I am the kind of person who is completely incapable of making something from a box unless its plain pasta or Velveeta mac n cheese. But, somehow I have found out that on numerous occasions if I throw random things into a pan and cook that way it ends up tasting really freaking good.

So this is what I made for dinner the other night.

I had some roast in the freezer I think it was a roast it might not have been I can’t really remember but regardless of what meat you use as long as its beef/steak it turns out okay cause I know I got sick of cutting it up and just kept the other steaks plain.

Anyways so I cut up the roast and made sure to get most of the fat off it and put it in the pan with some oil (vegetable or olive it doesnt matter really I think I used olive) and start frying it up.

As you fry it up add some red pepper flakes, pepper, salt, garlic salt, paprika (only a tiny quick sprinkle cause a little goes a looooooong way), basil, meat tenderizer, and quite a lot of chipotle roasted garlic grill mates seasoning. You will have to add this a few times while frying up all the meat and onions which I will get to in a moment. Add about 1/4th cup of water and have it between a boil and a simmer.

Keep adding the cut up pieces and it helps to do it slightly different sizes in my opinion cause then its like you can stab some with a fork… But fry about half of that up before this next part.

Take one onion and cut up half of it into relatively tiny pieces I mean you can cut it into bigger pieces if you like that or strips even but I prefer to have it so tiny I almost don’t notice its there but that’s just cause I only started being okay with onions about a year ago.

Throw half of it in the pan with the cut up roast (depending on the size of the onion or roast maybe the whole onion) and stir that in and fry it.

Sprinkle some Chicken gravy onto the meat, water, and onions and stir it in. Only used about half of a packet but depending on how much meat and stuff there is you can use the whole one. Add more seasonings to even it out and stir a few times until it becomes kind of thick and most of the water is gone and you have a kind of saucy onion meat mix.

When you feel it tastes good pour it over some rice or pasta and you’re done. I used brown rice because that’s what I had and it tasted amazing and everyone who tried it wanted more of the meat.

Hope you guys try it, and check out my Pinterest

for recipe ideas and such that are a lot more specific and less vague because unlike me most of those give exact measurements haha have a great day.

Simple Change of Word Choice

Using the same words repeatedly is more noticeable by the readers compared to the writer, and it can be annoying not to mention it can lead to someone getting bored with your story.

To avoid that problem here is a list of synonyms for words that are commonly overused in writing. I will add more as time goes on or I’ll possibly make more posts about this every once in a while to explain in depth how to restructure sentences and make them sound better.

Said- replied, spoke, commented, whispered, shouted, asked, declared, wondered aloud, gasped, spoke up, exclaimed, announced, snorted, wheezed, screamed, gurgled, responded.

Very- extremely, decidedly, exceedingly. (Next post is going to be about how to avoid using the word “very” for the rest of eternity.)

Find- acquire, unearth, detect, encounter, spot, obtain, discover, pinpoint, procure.

Happy- ecstatic, cheerful, glad, contented, joyful, amused, delighted, pleased, thrilled.

Good- great, breathtaking, wonderful, acceptable, exceptional, agreeable, pleasing, super, impressive.

Make- create, build, assemble, generate, concoct, form, construct, invent.

Hard- convoluted, difficult, trying, perplexing, complex, intricate, challenging, problematic, involved.

Laughed- chuckled, gaffawed, howled, reared, grinned, cackled, giggled, shrieked.

Big- giant, huge, gigantic, immense, enormous, bulky, hefty, colossal.

Bad- horrible, lousy, disagreeable, awful, wicked, evil, terrible, no good, rotten, dreadful, unpleasant, wretched.

Writing Conversation Tips and Prompts

I know that many people have problems with writing dialogue, and trying to move the story along can be difficult. For me, each character is their own person and it is more my job to tell their story.

I have issues with dialogue prompts because many times it just doesn’t fit my characters personality, or it just is too nonsensical to actually bring myself to put it into my writing.

This can be an issue on days where I desperately need to write because it helps me get some of my emotions out so that I don’t take it out on everything else.

So I am going to give you some advice for when you are having a moment or are like me and have issues with dialogue sometimes or can’t find a prompt that feels right to you.

#1. Try to write a different scene. A completely random thing that isn’t part of the storyline yet but could be in the future. Create a moment between two of or several of your characters. Write about a trip they took somewhere, or an argument they are having, or a funny moment between them. Literally anything will do. Come back the scene you were having trouble with before a little later and you might have thought of a way to continue the story.

#2. Ask your friends for some ideas. Or ask to use a conversation you have had between them and yourself and tweak it a bit when writing it into your story. I do this a lot when I am having trouble, even if it doesn’t make it to through to the last stage of editing if it does it can make things interesting and brings a larger part of you into the story. (Again, always make sure that you ask first.)

#3. Check Pinterest, Tumbler, or even Google for prompts. I personally use Pinterest almost every day for several reasons especially to help me improve my writing (follow me at: ) and they have infinite ideas for prompts and ideas for your writing. Its amazing how much there is.

#4. If you are having a really hard time then try and walk away from it for a bit. Go do something else. Make some tea or coffee/get a drink, call a friend, make or order some food, watch a tv show, read a book, play a video game, just do something else and let your mind rest from trying to write because writing is hard. You are not alone in your frustration, I promise.

#5. Listen to music and feel it. Let it guide you while you write. Let it move you through the story, put on the radio, put your spotify or ipod or phone on shuffle (that way it might not always be the same tone throughout each song) or CD or whatever way you’re listening on and just write. It doesn’t matter if it makes perfect sense right then just allow it to be and then if you hate it later then change it.

#6. Add a character or characters. Create them prior to adding a random name. This also helps if you have a dialogue/conversation idea that you know you want to write but you know that it doesn’t fit the characters you already have in your story. Doesn’t need to be a main character, people are connected in so many ways, and each person has their own story and they know other people who know even more people. The world is not just your few characters. It’s okay to branch out past them, I promise.

#7. Read news and historical articles from the time period you are using. This can also help create a basis for your characters and why they act the way they do. (Ex: Harry Potter’s deatheaters and Voldemort characteristics has several similarities to WW II and the Nazi party.)

#8. Research other writers and the way they write and how they plan things out. Read their tips and tweak them or use them to write your story. It helps to know what really great writers do to become as good as they are.

#9. Google sentence structures and dialects. Go and research different languages (I prefer Romanian, French, Spanish, Danish, Polish and even sign language is fascinating.) Anything to do with speach. Learning how people talk in certain situations can help you with writing it out. Especially if a character has a lisp or stutters. Trust me, it helps a lot.

#10. Plan out your story, either the chapters vague storyline or the entire book. Plan it out. Write it all down if you have to that way you know what direction it is going in and it’s on paper so that you can look at it and maybe even foreshadow some things. Try not to deviate from that plan too much. Write out all the characters you have -even vague ideas of future characters is okay- write out their goals, their wants and needs and feelings and then think how they can either achieve that or how you can take those things away.

Always remember that the story is a part of you, it is quite literally a world of your own making, you are their God. That is a wonderful power and a terrible curse. Enjoy it, despise it, destroy it, rebuild it but it is always yours.

I hope that this helps.

I Went Outside Today

I went outside today. And honestly it was exhausting, and I didn’t even do anything. My boyfriend had to mow the lawn and I went out there to spend some time with him because we knew it was going to take a while… A while ended up being roughly 3 1/2 – 4 hours.

It isn’t even that I went out and like was sociable or anything like that, it was just the act of going outside.

I don’t mind going to the store with my boyfriend or walking for a little bit but being outside for hours is completely emotionally and physically draining. I almost fell asleep in a soft grassy part of the lawn a bit before my boyfriend had to ask me to move.

My point is that it is extremely hard to do a lot of things sometimes. To get out of bed. To take a shower. To do the dishes, make dinner, or wash your clothes. Talking to people. Basically being a normal functioning human being can be extremely difficult sometimes for those with depression and anxiety.

And a lot of people either do or don’t get it. Those that do can probably relate to what I’m saying, and many of those that don’t tend to call those of us who do understand what I mean:






And many other hurtful, often untrue things.

It isn’t always that I don’t want to do things.

Although sometimes I really don’t want to go to your birthday party ‘Margaret’ because honestly getting shitfaced at a party with no food aside from a shitty cake, and some chips and salsa is not on the list of things I would enjoy doing.

But seriously, going to hangout with friends, which I would do if I had friends who lived near me but I don’t, would be great. I used to hangout with people all the time. Sometimes almost every day after work I would be hanging out with my friends.

In small doses it was okay, but when I was around people for too long my anxiety and irritability tended to skyrocket until I was just a nervous, angry wreck.

I don’t really go out and do things not just because we don’t have the option to but because it takes so much energy to do things. I keep saying that… “Do things” and its probably annoying. But I need to get my point across.

Trying to do anything can be so draining that I give up halfway through. Like the dishes. I will do half of the dishes and then get really sick of it because I don’t want to stand there any longer I just want to curl up and sleep.

But, I went outside today and I took a lot of pictures of flowers and mushrooms and plants and it was nice. I feel proud of me.