Conversations when you’re tired…

This morning was something else entirely. Not to say that I don’t have brain farts on a daily basis because I do, my words get mixed up or smooshed into one word like when I’m thinking “oh, look at that pupper.” but go to say dog and it comes out dogger… or I can’t remember a word mid sentence so I have to restructure my entire sentence in the middle of a conversation which is really no big deal, but I digress…

My funny/awkward/ cringeworthy moment started when my boyfriend was sitting on the bed curled up in a blanket that we were sharing, and he shivered for a solid thirty seconds or so. I instinctively tried to give him more of the blanket and he smiled and said, “It was just a cold chill.”

And, due to a lack of sleep, I responded with: “It was like a cold minute.”

And he gave me this weird look at the same time that I realised what I had said and I knew why it didn’t make sense, so I sighed and said something about, “That didn’t make sense, I’m so tired.”

“Wait what did you say?” He was looking at me with his face and I knew he probably had heard me but hadn’t been paying attention to my word choice at the time.

And, honestly, it took me a moment to respond because I felt like such a goob and I told him, “…. It was like a chill minute….”

And he looked at me, smiling, and told me to “Go to sleep.”